Monster money


I love Scully


this coat is heaven

*cue x files theme*

every time i get seriously sick the name barbas turns up in my life and it’s creeping me out ok

my nana got a dog called barbas around the same time i first had difficulties w/my kidneys then one of the doctors that i had after i od’d had the surname barbas and today my neighbour adopted a dog called barbas to keep her company and lbr i’m sick all the time now the coincidence is too much omg it’s spooky

Candy was very pretty. There was something very poignant about Candy as she embraced the imagined life of an actress. She had Kim Novak’s looks and was ahead of her time. Tragically she didn’t live long enough to see the time she was ahead of. A pioneer without a frontier as Andy would have said.  ~ Patti Smith


My dogs look like they’re taking a prom pic


He knows he’s crazy, most of the villains in comics who are insane have no idea they are. But The Joker is aware of it, and he loves it. He loves the concept that he is c h a o s to Batman’s logic and order.”